Appointment FAQs

Q: Does the Toronto Lockdown starting November 23, 2020 affect the clinic operation?

A: As an essential service, we are permitted to continue providing care using our rigorous infection control procedures. As usual, we ask for your help in keeping the clinic safe for everyone.

Q: I am nervous about unnecessary risks for virus exposure. Should I consider delaying my appointment?

A: We understand. Our enhanced infection control procedures are in place, but you may choose to delay your routine care to a future date. This would be acceptable if your appointment was booked for a non-specific ‘wellness check’, and you are not experiencing any new eye signs or symptoms. If in doubt, let us know and the doctor will review your file and help you decide.

Q: How should I prepare for my appointment?

A: Bring a mask, please. For now, you must wear a mask at all times in our clinic. Our supplies are limited. It will help us streamline your visit if you bring organized information already printed, such as medication lists. Bring any eyeglasses you use.

Q: How will my visit differ from the usual experience?

A: To keep physical distancing recommendations in the clinic, we will be scheduling more space and time between patients. Even if someone comes with you, please enter the clinic alone if possible. (For our junior patients: one parent only, please.) Your companion may wait outside in the public areas of the building. We will be limiting proximity with you during the examination as much as we can. (See also Our Infection Control Policy). 

Q: Can I expect a long wait when I arrive for my visit? 

A: No. To keep clinic movements safe, we are aiming to run on time as much as possible. Try not to come too early, as you'll be waiting outside our doors until we are ready for you. If you are running late, we may need to reschedule your visit. We won't be able to 'squeeze you in'.

Q: Eye doctors sometimes work with me at a very close distance. How will you manage that?

A: We will be assessing the need for such procedures, and keeping them to a minimum, on a case-by-case basis. When getting close is necessary, we will be practising very careful infection control.

Q: I have never been to your clinic, but my usual provider referred me to you for advanced care and I have an appointment. Should I still come?

A: We will be happy to see you to address your special need, but if you have questions about the urgency of this visit, please consult the referring doctor.

Q: I have a deadline to conclude some eye care before my insurance expires/my driving licence expires. Can I get an appointment quickly?

A: We will do our best, but we may need to accommodate patients with sight risks first.

Q: I just need an adjustment on my eyeglasses. May I drop in for that?

A: No, please call ahead. We will be booking appointments for all types of clinic visits. We will work with your schedule.

Q: I am not sure you have my current contact information.

A: If in doubt, please call 416-224-2273 ext. 0 to leave a message with our Receptionist or email [email protected] with your preferred communication option.


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