Contact Lens Examinations

A contact lens examination involves a series of procedures to determine how well the contact lenses are working. Often a contact lens problem does not affect vision or comfort until it is quite severe, with potential to cause a permanent complication.

The contact lenses are inspected (with a biomicroscope, under high magnification) while on the eyes - this enables evaluation of how well the lenses fit and how clean the lenses are. Next the eyes are examined without the contact lenses, to look for dryness, abrasion, infection or oxygen deprivation.

Visual acuity and refraction (amount of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism) are measured. The shape of the eye also is measured. These readings are used in determining the type of contact lens that is most suitable and also can indicate the start of any complications, especially oxygen deprivation.

Daily contact lens wearers should have a contact lens examination at least once a year. Extended (overnight) contact lens wearers should have contact lens examinations every 3-6 months.

Special vision problems: Our clinic has helped a great number of people with special vision conditions and needs, such as Keratoconus. We keep an up-to-date inventory of specialty fitting lenses for this purpose.


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