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Know the FACTS

There are three reasons why it makes sense to get your eye wear from your optometrist:

You come to your optometrist for a comprehensive eye and vision examination. This usually incudes more than 20 diagnostic tests that evaluate your health and determine the correct prescription for you. At the same time, your optometrist makes several key decisions to ensure that you have the proper eye wear to fit your lifestyle.

Second, optometrists offer eye wear from a variety of labs, which helps assure good quality.

Third, patients are protected from misleading pricing by clearly itemized bills.

Your needs are UNIQUE

Your optometrist considers many other factors when prescribing your glasses:

What type of frames/lenses were you wearing before? Were you comfortable with those glasses? Were you seeing properly with them?

What is your occupation? What are your hobbies? Some tasks, such as intensive computer use or racquet sports, require special glasses to improve efficiency or decrease eye or body strain.

Certain risk factors for your eyes, including some medications, aging, UV exposure, safety and eye disease, are given special consideration when choosing tints or coatings for your glasses.

You want good QUALITY

Good guality usually takes more than one hour to achieve.

There are many steps in the manufacturing of eyeglasses. Optometrists are able to "shop around" for you to find optical suppliers and laboratories that provide a premium product quickly at the lowest possible price. By working with severals labs, optometrists can offer any specialty product that is available.

In addition, there is a multiple inspection system to ensure your glasses are presented to you with accurate power, that they are distortion free and unformly tinted and/or coated.

You expect VALUE

The costs of materials and services are listed on your bill.

Optometrists dispense frames and lenses at laboratory cost, and charge a professional fee for supplying your glasses. This is comparable to the way pharmacists charge for drugs, chiropodists for orthotics, or denturists for dentures.

The professional service fee is based on the amount of labour and expertise required to produce that particular type of prescription. It is not a mark-up or retail percentage.

The public is protected from questionable business practices by the College of Optometrists of Ontario. This means that you will never see optometrists offering specials such as "2 for the price of 1" because these hide the true cost of eye wear.

Media surveys have shown that patients who receive their eye wear from optometrists usually pay less than for comparable quality elsewhere.


Optometrists provide full-service vision care. Should any problems arise with your prescription eye wear, your optometrist will provide the best possible solution.

The choice is YOURS

The choice of where you purchase your eye wear is always your own. Remember to keep a copy of your prescription, in case you lose or break your eye wear.


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